Tina Craig

spoluzakladatelka metody EFT


Like any practitioner who has been through the Gold Standard EFT certification process, I have had the pleasure of evaluating Lukas’s EFT skills in great depth. This is a professional version of EFT, designed to address diagnosable levels of trauma and distress, so there is a higher level of difficulty in applying the technical skills of the method, and managing a client’s comfort during the process.

In my experience, Lukas has his greatest strength in the powerful mechanics of EFT. Rather than being overly creative, he is focused on being specific, using the language best suited to the challenge before him, and testing his results thoroughly. In fact, his natural tendency for testing went beyond the scope of even my requirements, so I know that with clients he will not take any result for granted. He will continue to challenge his own work until it is truly complete.

This orientation definitely sets him apart from practitioners without this level of training, and I have every confidence that Lukas can provide the best of EFT to any client who finds him.

Tina Craig
Director, Gold Standard EFT Certification Program
Co-Author, Gold Standard EFT Tutorial